Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wacky Web Tales

Kids today have it easy. Ohhh, when I was a wee lad we had to learn parts of speech with endless worksheets.

"Underline the noun with blue, circle the verb with red, draw a green box around the adjective...or was it the adverb?"

"Mrs. Cunningham, I can't find my yellow crayon!"

Well, I think I have found a more interesting way to practice this skill, more specifically, Education Place has found it (I just put a link to it on my website).  The students enter in singular nouns, verbs, present tense verbs, etc. into the fields to make a goofy story; copy it into a blog post; and use Tux Paint to make a picture to go with it.  Check out a sample here.

Bah! Maybe I'll give the little whipper snippers some worksheets on these skills next week!

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pcone said...

I tried to post this on your grade 3 blog:

My goodness, is this how the kids at Bready really live? Must be nice to live in a high-tech neighbourhood. Tell me, though, what does a health-conscious space kid eat? Mashed-up hotdogs - yeeech? How about Cambells Organic Freeze-Dried cream of space fungus soup with whole wheat crackers?