Friday, December 26, 2008

What Am I Doing Up Here?

We, like most leaders, lead from the front.  But are we facing the right direction?

If we are to properly mentor our students shouldn't we turn and face challenges with them.  How else can we model constructive responses to successes and challenges?  I think I need a new seating arrangement.


pcone said...

I heartily agree. If you have some good tips for making us look in charge for the powers that be while we wallow in the mucks of discovery with the students, let us know!(Blogger/Google tags: professional deception; useful little white lies; administrivia)

pcone said...

Yup you are right about the PM. However, in comparison to the US, the Queen is the equivalent as she is the one who signs bills into law (or her representative). I guess I've used the wrong terminology to try to make a point. Thanks for help. (PS Don't you think Obama's swearing in as pres. was more like a coronation than assuming a presidency.)