Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IT Summit 2010

I forgot I have a blog.

IT Summit really pushed me to think about how to incorporate change. We have been floundering around trying to make different things happen at our school (Inquiry, UBD, PLC, Tech, Curr. renewal, Assessment For Learning). I think despite everyones best efforts we are not making a whole lot of forward motion.

During some downtime at the conference I slapped together a flow chart of how I think we can make these things happen. It's rough. Not all the dots are connected but I think from this we could design a planning document, a self assessment tool for the teachers, time for teachers to meet with local colleagues, and technology and PD to meet with colleagues further away.

Will Richardson really outlined the need for us to prepare students for collaborating with the world and Bernajean Porter provided the H.E.A.T. to make sure that we are directing our energy towards better outcomes for students.

Thank you again to the people who organized It Summit.

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