Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flickr Virtual Tour

I was playing with Comiqs after reading Donna DesRoches post about it and it got me thinking about switching from Google Web Albums to Flickr (or using both). While exploring Flickr I got the idea to do a virtual field trip with my students. We started a unit about Egypt in social studies and I was thinking that we could use the geotagging feature to take a "field trip" and then make a comic book of the tour. There a lot of excellent pictures people have posted.

My questions are:
1) has anyone done this?
2) if so are there any potential pitfalls I should be aware of?

Thanks for any advice you could give me.

P.S. My wife just suggested that I teach the students to photoshop themselves into a picture in front of the Great Pyramid. I used Photo Booth to take a picture of my daughter "in front of the great pyramid".


Donna said...

Hi Mark,

You might want to have a look at Dean Shareski's wiki page

I know nothing about geotagging so I am looking forward to your expertise!

I really like your photoshopped image of your daughter -- cool!

Gary Ball said...

Mark, why are you thinking about switching from Google Web Albums to Flickr? I don't have much experience with Flickr so I am curious. So why is it better?

In response to geotagging there are some programs available (some free) that will automatically georeference your photos if you have a GPS with you when you take the pictures. They embed the information right into the photo.

Good luck with your project.