Tuesday, February 19, 2008

School Based PD on Digital Story Telling

I have to give a school based pd for teachers on digital story telling and I am having some trouble planning. Help.

I was planning to use the story of Three Little Pigs to have the teachers work in groups and I would assign them a set of tools to retell the story using those tools:

Group 1: Comiqs/Digital Camera
Group 2: VoiceThread/TuxPaint/GarageBand
Group 3: circaVie/FlashPaint
Group 4: Kerpoof

But then I was reading a blog from injenuity that Rob Wall shared. The person suggested throwing the tools into one hat and the objectives into another and mashing them up. The idea made part of me cringe and part of me grin.

I was also thinking that I should show them the tools, tell them the assignment, and let them choose the tools.

I feel that I could use some feedback on this idea. Keep in mind the goal is to expose my staff to the tools available and let them develop a comfort level that would allow them to use the tools with their students.


Amanda Clements said...

Have you looked at anything by Jason Ohler? He wrote a book on Digital Storytelling in the classroom and we are using it for a digital storytelling project here in the Anchorage School District.

Mavis Hoffman said...

I have a power point on digital storytelling made up by Evelyn Sillers from Showcase last week. She emailed it to me but I can't open it. I tried to download the update but it gives me an error message. I watched it that day and it's very good. I can send it to you if you want. Email me. mavis.hoffman@lskysd.ca. Hopefully you can figure out how to open it and then you'll let me know how.