Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finding the Right Tool Set

I find myself sometimes thinking, "I wish my students had this tool or that (i.e. GarageBand)" or "Cool!  That was just the right tool for the job!"  When I read about people using XO or eee pc it strikes me as being an effective compromise.  While doing some reading I found this post and I couldn't have agreed more.

The question it gets me thinking about is how do we as educators insure that we present our students with the right tool set for the task at hand?

Can we create an experience for our students that is collaborative, stable, promotes creativity, and easy to use?


pcone said...

Thanks Mark. I enjoyed the blog post. Very well written. I even subscribed to the blog!

Donna said...

Mark - I so agree with you - we can no longer be bound by an OS or specific applications. There is so much choice and most of it relatively easy to use. I believe that it will become increasingly necessary to leave these decisions with the professionals in the schools. The province and the division will need to be responsible to ensure that a strong, viable infrastructure is in place.

I love this conversation!

Jennifer said...

Hi Mark,

I agree with you completely. However, what I seem to struggle most with is convincing others that MS isn't always the best operating system (or tool) for the job. We have 4 editing rooms here in the NBCHS library that we rely on frequently for programs that promote collaboration such as iMovie, GarageBand, etc. What worries me is the thought that someone will decide that PC's are better without even listening to our reason for having the Mac's in the first place.