Friday, March 7, 2008

"It Just Worked"

It is the best thing that you'll ever hear when helping a colleague.
Last year our school applied for a capital budget request to put together a mobile media cart.  Recently, we were approved and we started to oder and assemble the pieces.  All the core components have come in and I was able to built it this week.

UPS (You don't have to restart the computer when you move it)
External HD (Backups)
Card Reader (We have a mash of different cameras with different connectors/cards)
Keyboard (GarageBand)

Our music teacher had found a great video on YouTube about people making music with vegetables that she wanted to show my Grade 3 class and asked about the cart.

Here is how our conversation went (or at least kinda sorta how I remember it):
Jackie: Is it easy?
Me: Plug it in, press power on the projector.
Jackie: What about when I am done?
Me: Press power on the projector twice, put it back, and plug it in.
Jackie: Oh, ok.

When she brought it back I asked, "So?"
Her reply was simply, "It was so easy.  It just worked."

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