Monday, March 17, 2008

Learning to Read with SMARTBoards

I have two daughters: Emma is five and Julia is six.  Julia took to reading like a fish to water. Instantly, she seemed to catch on to the idea that each letter represented sounds and you could use them to built words and those words to build sentences.

Emma is a different story.  When we would look at Dolch words or word families you can see her glaze over.  Quickly, she'll ask, "Can I play now?" She gets her attention span from her moth...Ohhh! Look something shiny!

Where was I?  Oh ya, reading.  I decided to give the SMARTBoard a try.  I wrote some words on the board and we read them together (I, a, the, see, cat, dog).  Next we moved them around to built sentences (I see the dog,  I see a dog, etc).  She was able to tell me some words that rhyme with cat (rat, mat, sat hat, fat).  Then she was able to use the words to make a sentence (I see the fat rat).  Of course she thought that was immensely funny.

She wanted to make a longer sentence and ended up with "I see a fat rat on a flat mat."  The part she liked best was when I suggested she make a picture for her sentence using Tux Paint. Yay, Tux Paint!

This experience reminded me of two important things:
1) My daughter is a kinesthetic learner.
2) It is much easier to learn when its purpose is clear.

I think this is the first time Emma has thought of herself as a reader and I could not be prouder of her.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How wonderful that you are able to find what works for your daughter. And lucky for her she has such a resourceful dad! It really makes me think about my girls...Zoe is 6 and Emma is 2. Just like we have to meet the learning needs of our students, we have to see our children as individuals with different learning styles.

Jim Hollis said...

My daughter loves reading on the SMART Board. I would recommend the starfall website since kids can interact w/ the material.

Here's a link to my post that discusses starfall. It also shows a video of my daughter reading.

SMART Boards and Starfall

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Teachers Love SMART Boards