Monday, March 3, 2008

School Based PD on Digital Storytelling

Well, I gave my first tech PD of the year and I think that overall it was a success. I thought of several things along the way that would have made it better (i.e. brainstorming how we can integrate several tools through the curriculum).

The reason I think it was a success was:
1) Everyone completed their task.
2) They realized that it wasn't as scary as they thought.
3) Some staff made spontaneous connections between curriculum and the tools we used.

Areas that could be improved:
1) Limit the numbers of tools that we were using.
2) Have everyone in the computer lab (It was an In Motion day for me).
3) Thumb drives or an easier way to share for each group.

Final Products
Check out our work here:


Morag said...

Wow! Mark, I'm sure your staff had fun and the results look great. Thanks for sharing.

pcone said...

Well done!

Great results!

Thanks for sharing!